Sustainable Packaging

Working toward a more sustainable future...
one right-sized box at a time.

sustainable packaging

Packsize recognizes its role and responsibility in protecting and improving the state of the environment for future generations.

That’s why Packsize is committed to smarter packaging for a healthier planet. Using eco-friendly packaging means less material is needed to ship consumer goods via dimensionally-optimized delivery services that use less fuel, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint of this process. By focusing on the use of resources through minimization, reuse, and renewal, we help build biodegradable packaging and a regenerative community that increases resource productivity and improves product design while earning the reciprocal benefit of greater customer satisfaction.

In essence, what’s good for the planet is also good for the company—ours and yours.

Renewable Resources

Simple corrugated cardboard has become increasingly important to our modern society. Right-sized Packaging on Demand® is a sustainability concept that applies to custom box-making that takes place on your packaging line. We pair our On Demand Packaging machines with proprietary corrugated z-Fold® made from responsibly managed, renewable resources.

According to SFI, the forest products industry plants 1.7 million new trees every day, contributing to the long-term viability of North American forests. In turn, these efforts are preserving wildlife habitats, sequestering carbon dioxide, and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable Energy

Packsize powers its eco-friendly packaging headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, and its factory for sustainable packaging machines in Enköping, Sweden, with renewable energy sources. These sources include wind, water, and solar, as well as nuclear generation in Sweden.

Packsize discourages the use of non-renewable resources in its daily operation and advocates the reduction, re-use, and recycling of all paper, plastic, and aluminum material across the entire organization.

Sustainable Fleet

Packsize, a leader among sustainable packaging companies, operates an expanding fleet of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles to reduce emissions. This is in line with our environmentally friendly packaging initiative.

When Packsize engineers, service technicians and area sales managers visit a customer’s facility, they produce 85 percent fewer smog-forming emissions than the average visitor. Learn more about our Leaders for Clean Air initiative by clicking here.

Social Contribution

Packsize encourages U.S. consumers to gain awareness of sustainability, resource use, and green packaging initiatives such as recyclable packaging materials.

If you’d like a more in-depth look at Packsize’s sustainability efforts, fill out the form below to download Packsize’s Sustainability report. You can also see what Packsize can do for your company’s sustainability by downloading this free white paper.

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