Shipping Revolution Needs More Companies Switching To On Demand Boxes

Everybody has their reasons. Be it environmental concerns, sheer convenience or cutting-edge preferences, the way we get goods in the mail is changing and it’s for the best. We’re specifically talking about shipping here and it’s safe to say that the industry—like many other century-old traditions—is undergoing a much-needed modern revolution. One of the reasons for this shift is an on demand service, which allows companies to design and produce custom corrugated boxes. The end result is a box that is so much more than just a box. The on demand boxes option uses box-making machines situated alongside your company’s pack-line produce a vessel that fits the item going inside it quite a bit better than the inventoried corrugated cardboard box. In this article from Packsize, we’d like to explore some recent news reports from around the world that show how businesses are getting customers their goods in all-new ways.

– Handle with care: A Dutch bicycle company was receiving complaints from customers who were receiving damaged goods. It’s solution, according to media reports, was to design a custom box on demand that featured the picture of a flat screen television set on the box. Because the bike fit in a box that could also have a big-screen TV in it, and because people believed the box contained said TV, shippers started being a bit more careful with the goods and damages had a marked decrease. According to Packsize, a better-fitting box with less empty space is one other way to reduce damages incurred during shipment. You can read the story here.

– “Uber for packages”: A San Francisco company picks up products that are destined for the mail in exchange for a nominal fee. In return, its couriers head back to the warehouse with all sorts of items in tow—from an oxygen tank to a Hulk Hogan costume. According to a news story about its operation, this company puts to use an on demand corrugated cardboard-cutting machine to make the best box possible to house the wide variety of items it receives. This is just one of the perks of trusting this service to make your shipping operation more efficient.

– Leaders in the pack: According to The Guardian newspaper, computer manufacturer Dell took large steps to design environmentally-friendly packages—mainly made at the behest of customer suggestions. This project eventually included a 10 percent reduction in box sizes. According to Packsize’s boxes on demand service and a smaller box, companies like Dell could free-up room in their warehouses for additional products, as space that was once used to hold cardboard stockpiles is freed up.

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